Packing & Unpacking

We provide packing & unpacking services for those that are moving or just moved!  

  • Are  you feeling the stress of your upcoming move and are dreading packing all of your belongings?
  • Are you unsure of how to pack your very fragile items such as china and crystal?
  • Are you physically or mentally unable to pack or unpack your items?
  • Did you just move and are now staring at a pile of boxes wondering where to start?
  • Did you recently move and have discovered that your heaps of boxes/belongings will simply not fit into your new space?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, The D-Clutter Company can help you!  

We know how it feels to be completely overwhelmed by the daunting task of packing or unpacking!  

We stand out from your typical moving type company because we are professional organizers! We're able to help you D-Clutter your items before or after your move, and in turn leaving you with fewer items to move with you, or fewer items to take-up any unnecessary space once you're in your new home.  And because we're organizers, your items will be packed in the utmost organized way with clear labels of what is in each box; and anything unpacked will be well organized and put in homes that make sense for the space and you!

As always, we treat all of your belongings as if they were our own.  All items are handled with exceptional care and respect.

We will come well equipped with all necessary moving supplies!  We shop at local stores and only charge you for the actual cost and taxes.  We never up-charge the moving supplies!

As with the organizing portion of our services, we charge by the hour.  We charge a flat hourly rate with absolutely no hidden fees.  Please give us a call or fill out our "Contact Us" page to inquire about pricing.

Rest assured, we are insured!