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Q: What is a professional organizer?
A: A professional organizer is one that uses their expertise and knowledge to work with clients by guiding, teaching and suggesting systems and solutions to help them reach and maintain their organizational goals.  Professional organizers are not a cleaning service.  They are experts who provide recommendations and teach you new ways of doing things.  In selecting an organizer, you are selecting someone who will work closely with you and who will be learning many of your intimate habits.  They should be someone who is educated, respectful, communicates well, listens, is compassionate, non-judgmental, flexible, and yet will be strong enough to keep you focused and on task; D-Clutter provides this to their customers.

Q: Why would I use a professional organizer?
A: There are many reasons, ask yourself these questions: 

  • Am I losing space in my home due to the ever so growing piles?
  • Am I drowning in paper?
  • Am I paying late fees for not paying my bills on time?
  • Am I wasting time looking for lost items?
  • Am I spending money on items I know I have bought but can't find?
  • Is this situation causing me stress and frustration?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions you could benefit from the help D-Clutter.  Even those individuals who normally lead an organized life but suddenly find themselves in a disorganized state due to a life situation or just lack of time due to busy work and family obligations can benefit from my help to bring order back into your life.  

Professional organizers know the latest processes and products that make organizing easier, giving you access to many ideas and resources that you would not have time to research or try out on your own.  Organizing is more than just getting rid of things and tidying up.  A good professional organizer helps you understand the root of your challenges and provides long-term solutions to adjust your environment and habits. 

Q: Why should I pay for a professional home organizer when I can hire a house cleaner?
A: A house cleaner simply cleans and 'tidies' your house.  House cleaners make a living by coming back to your place to ‘tidy’ and clean your office or house by rearranging the clutter, time after time. They do not get down to the core of the problem, which is the disorganization.  With D-Clutter, you are getting a professional service.  We work our magic, and provide you with a renewed sense of living that lasts week after week and year after year, without you needing our services continually.  Our goal as your professional home organizer is to set you up for long-term success, which is accomplished through experience and communication.  With us by your side, you will live clutter-free and have more control of your surroundings again.

Q: I want to do it on my own - why can’t I organize everything myself?
A: Let me paint your likely scenario...  You have read all the books about organization tips, or watched the shows on TV. You have had a vision to get rid of your paper mess or clean out your closet and to finally live clutter free.  You don't feel the need to hire help as you're more than capable of doing it on your own.  Sound familiar?  Let me ask you… Why haven't you accomplished your goals yet?  Chances are you lack the motivation, accountability and most likely, the know-how.  Being completely honest with your self is paramount when deciding if you can really organize everything on your own.  What room do you start with?   Where does everything else go?  What organizing system works best for your space?  Get the help you need to get organized and start living - free yourself from the everlasting burden!

Q: How much does it cost?
A: Each customer is provided with an extremely competitive rate.  Like most professional organizers, D-Clutter charges by the hour.  Each client and project is different - much of it depends on the scope of the work and how much you are willing and/or able to participate.  Every customer has their own unique set of needs and wants; therefore, each receives their own personalized pricing.  When considering the cost of organizing services, be sure to consider the non-monetary costs of being disorganized such as: time and energy lost searching for misplaced items, buying duplicate items, and the negative impact on your well-being from the stress of disorganization.

Q: How long will it take?
A: Each client and project is different. It all depends on the scope of the project, how much you are willing to do yourself and how quickly you can make decisions.  The minimum session is four hours.   

Q Do I have to be there for the organizing session?
A: You can be as involved or as hands-off as you like. It is most definitely recommended; however, it is completely up to you!  We will work with you throughout the process to determine the right system or systems that work for you. Different systems work for different people.  The only time it is most beneficial for you to be present is during the sorting sessions because we will need to know what you want to keep and what you want to get rid of.  Once you approve the layout ideas or design plans we can work on our own.  

Q: What should I expect during an in-person assessment? 
A: Assessments usually last about 1 hour, depending on your situation.  During the Assessment you will be asked a series of questions to find out what your challenges are, what your goal is, and to get a feel of your sense of style. With your permission, we will also take pictures of the space.  This process will allow us to start designing your space immediately after you sign the contract. 

Q: Will you just throw everything away?
A: Absolutely not!  The final decision rests with you.  However, we will make observations and ask you the right questions to help you determine what is and what is not important to keep so that you can accomplish your organizational goals.  Many choose to donate items that are still in good condition - we can help you with those arrangements.

Q: What if I don’t have time to go and buy everything I need to get organized? 
A: We actually have many organizing products available for purchase on-hand; the best part is we will bring them to you each session.  You of course do not need to purchase anything from us, the items are simply there to help take a burden off your shoulders.  We also offer our clients the option of utilizing our shopping services when we may not carry a specific item, or they do not have time to do it themselves.  This is usually beneficial to our clients because we know where to get everything and where the same item might be cheaper, so we save our clients both time and money.  Items purchased by D-Clutter are billed to the client at cost (plus any agreed shopping fee where applicable).

Q: I am too embarrassed to have you see my space!
A: You are not alone - almost everyone feels the same way. This is a sensitive issue for many people we work with. We don't look at your space with a crit

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