In-Home Organizing


In-Person Home Organization

As a professional organizer with hands-on experience working with homeowners, we can work with you to: create organizing systems for your home, get rid of clutter once and for all, optimize your paper flow, and reduce stress and frustration!  From one-room makeovers to whole-house overhauls, we will help you become clutter-free.  D-Clutter develops custom organizing systems for your space and in the process will help you live in a calm and orderly home.  The D-Clutter Company can help you organize:  

  • Home Office
  • Kitchen
  • Bedrooms/Closets
  • Children's Rooms
  • Living Areas
  • Children's Toy/Playrooms
  • Memorabilia/Collectibles
  • Garage
  • General Clutter & More

Organizing Process

During our first appointment we will perform a remote consultation (free of charge).  Together we will discuss what is and is not working for you, and what it is that you're looking for.  After our call, we ask that you provide us with basic photos of the spaces you would like to tackle so that we may provide you with a project estimate.  After assessing, you will be provided with a competitive bid.  If you choose to move forward, we will then come up with a game plan based on your goals and priorities, including making a list of organizing products to purchase that will help you achieve your goals (not required).  Along side that, we do provide basic organizing items for purchase; the best part is that we will bring them to you each session.  Now of course, you are not required to purchase anything, the items are simply there to take another burden off your shoulders.  In the event that we do not carry a specific item, we also provide a shopping service to our clients; anything that is minimal is included in our pricing, and anything beyond that incurs a small fee.   

Once we have come-up with an objective list, we will leave you with a basic outline of your personalized organization plan and will schedule your session (s). 

Now with the actual organizing sessions, we are pleased to say that we work as a husband and wife team!  By working as a team we're able to get the job done in a timely fashion, and in turn saving each client both time and money.   You are in charge of deciding whether or not you would like to be present for the session (s); however, it is highly recommended that you are; the reason being is that during the process, we will be transferring organizing skills rather than just cleaning-up problem areas.  This means you'll not only receive a functional and tidy space, but also an entirely new set of organizing skills to use for the rest of your life!  If you choose the "hands-on" process, together we will implement the plan and meet your goals.   

That being said, we absolutely understand that everyone has their own schedule and needs; therefore, if you would like us to handle most of the work, we absolutely can and definitely understand.  

As with most of our clients, many will have a significant amount of items being donated throughout the organizing process.  We will donate these items for you and will provide you with a receipt.  Most of our items are donated to a local charity.  

Throughout our organization process you can expect kindness, respect, courtesy and complete confidentiality. During & between each session, we will provide you with: 


  • Complete confidentiality.  
  • Appointment (s) scheduled to fit your calendar. 
  • Open discussion about the cost and extent of services.
  • Product available for purchase, or shopping service for anything needed that we do not carry.
  • Customized organization strategies and systems to fit who you are and help increase your chances of staying organized.
  • Physical assistance, as well as verbal instruction during the d-cluttering process.
  • Hauling service of donated items (you will be provided with a receipt for taxes).
  • Care and respect when handling your belongings.
  • Coaching through emotional and mental blocks that are contributing to the clutter and disorganization.
  • Non-judgmental guidance and encouragement to help you let go of excess or unwanted items; however, giving you permission not to let go of anything you wish to keep, for whatever reason.
  • An immediate and dramatic visual improvement in your surroundings.
  • An absolute willingness to 'get dirty' to achieve the mutually determined goals.      
  • Assistance in finding other appropriate professional resources where needed.
  • Re-design and re-decorating of space where needed.